We are live with the testnet Geo Web’s Cadastre UI on the Kovan Ethereum network!

The Cadastre UI is the portal to interact with our digital land registry and SALSA smart contracts. It enables users to claim, transfer, and administer digital land parcel licenses on the Geo Web.

The Geo Web vision centers on exercisable digital land property rights that span the globe. So, a no-frills implementation of digital land ownership is where we’re starting. Additional land interactions, augmented reality content anchoring, robust governance, mechanism design validation, and new use case enablement are yet to come. 

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The Geo Web is an open platform/protocol meant to empower a community of creators, publishers, and users. We always love to hear your feedback. You can schedule a user interview with us, DM us on Twitter, or send us an email at info [at] geoweb.network.

Testnet Launch Highlights

  • Cadastre Link - http://geoweb.eth.link/
  • It runs on the ETH Kovan testnet
  • Metamask wallet is required
  • Includes basic land claim interactions 1) Initial land parcel claims 2) View claimed parcel details 
  • Land transactions require our Geo Web token, GEO (just a placeholder for now), and Kovan ETH. Use the faucet links provided in the parcel claim panel to replenish your wallet.
  • Increased grid size (x32 from that planned for production) to make large claims easier
  • Basic map navigation UX - It will get easier, faster, and more intuitive. We promise!

Looking Forward

  • All other smart contract interactions (Edit Parcel, Transfers, & Auctions)
  • Limits on the Geo Web token to create scarcity/dynamism on testnet market
  • Use case enablement (change parcel color, link various content types, achievements/gamification)
  • Styling and UX :)

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