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Do One Thing Right

In Bryne Hobart’s Just One Thing or Every Single Thing?, he presents the idea that the most extraordinary results/impact in complex areas such as technology result from doing just one thing “right.” I won’t restate all of the examples, knock-on effects, seeming paradoxes, or other implications of the theory that he presents in the article (read it!), but I will explore how it could apply to the Geo Web.

The Geo Web is outrageously ambitious. We’re a small team. If we’re going to be successful, it almost has to be based on just one thing. 

Our one thing is efficient digital land allocation.

Digital land allocation can be extraordinarily simple if you take a traditional view: sell it to the highest/first bidder. But what about the physical land owner? What about public places? What about squatters?

There isn’t a universal “right” answer to who should own an arbitrary digital land parcel, but we believe the process for determining ownership should be dynamic, decentralized, and scalable. That’s our SALSA market.

Sure, the average person today has an adverse emotional reaction to the idea of losing control of their property at the drop of the hat through SALSA’s forced sale, but extraordinary results have to come from somewhere a little bit contrarian. We are confident that discomfort will fade. SALSA’s dynamic land allocation will turn out to be the one thing that propels the Geo Web to success while traditional allocation mechanisms render other AR metaverse user experiences worthless. 

The knock-on effects of the SALSA structure make our case stronger and will open the aperture to appearing to “do many things right.” SALSA network fees will increase our network effects by allowing reinvest in content creators, users, and core development. They offer a new way to sustainably maintain and govern an organization without a profit motive. 

Time will tell if we’re right.

On to the updates...


  • Completed our integration with 3ID Connect to enable simple account and Ceramic doc management for content linking.
  • Created mocks and user flows for content linking on the Cadastre (see blog hero image). 


  • We’ve been a whole lot of reading, thinking, and writing about our project governance. We’re really inspired by Pocket Network & BrightID’s approaches. This framework by Lawrence Lundy-Bryan is a must read as well. We’re working on our codified principles and an early, early constitution that we hope to release soon in draft form. We think these foundational documents will help guide and communicate our product roadmap and support community engagement.
  • We had a great brainstorming session for potential ideas for the upcoming ETHDenver Virtual BUILD-a-thon. Most of our favorites focused on our governance kick. We’re looking at building Aragon DAO integrations with SourceCred (to vote to approve grain allocation), Radicle (to vote on what is the “main” git branch, and/or IDX (for membership ID requirements). Hit us up on Discord if you’re interested in joining our team.

On Deck

  • Release functionality for web content → parcel land linking

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