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We’ve been pumping the ETHDenver Conference/BUIDL-a-thon in the blog for well over a month now. It hasn’t disappointed. We’re about half way through the week, and I want to get back to the hackathon, presentations, and the Virtual Sports Castle (metaverse!), so I’m going to keep things short this week.

The people, the work, and the community that I’ve encountered at the conference are inspiring. We’re believers in the power of the technology that underpins the web3 movement, but the community that has sprung up around Ethereum (and related platforms) will be web3’s greatest asset going forward. 

We’ve met artists, GIS experts, students, crypto OGs, and first-timers. And to a person, they’re curious, enthusiastic, and committed to building better systems for human collaboration, creativity, and prosperity. Our kind of people!

We’ll leave this week with a few new friends, ideas, and maybe even a Geo Web core contributor or two. It’s hard to imagine asking for more than that from a conference. Although, having a beer in-person with fellow web3 travelers would be nice. Next year.

On to the updates...


  • Minor Kovan testnet Cadastre fixes (wallet disconnects, IPFS links losing case sensitivity in some browsers)
  • ETHDenver BUIDL-ing! Our main hacking focus is on IDX (decentralized identity) from our friends over at 3Box Labs. We’re working through integrations with SourceCred, myColorado ID, and a custom physical land ownership “oracle”. We’ll share the final project next week in whatever form it ends up in.


  • I’m a Colorado resident, so I might be biased, but I’ve been so impressed with the vision and work presented by the Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology at ETHDenver. Governor Jared Polis has been an active participant throughout the week, and he’s made me a believer that Colorado is going to continue to lead the charge in modernizing all different aspects of government with technology including blockchains, cryptography, and web3 principles.
  • Check out MetaGame and go down the rabbit hole. They share many of the same principles upon which we’re founding the Geo Web, so I was in the instant I started reading. They are educating, recruiting, and getting people active in the web3 space in such a smart/fun/effective way.

On Deck

  • Back to normally scheduled programming next week

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