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Browsing the Geo Web Metaverse

Taking a step back from last week’s blog topic, content moderation on the Geo Web, I wanted to lay out the basics of what “browsing the Geo Web” would look like.

The Geo Web is an AR metaverse—meaning digital content on the network is intended to coexist side-by-side with objects in the “real” world. Geo Web content is anchored in a persistent, shared digital reality layer for anyone to naturally discover as they move through the physical world. 

So how does a Geo Web user do that? We do it with a universal browser application that resolves content automatically based on the user’s location via GPS or another suitable navigation system. The browser is actually looking up the corresponding parcel in our digital land registry and following a mutable chain of links to the published content.

You can think of a Geo Web browser like your traditional web browser, but with no URL bar to start. Arbitrary digital content is resolved on a blank canvas just like on the World Wide Web. As smartglasses and always-on displays become more prevalent, the browser canvas will become transparent and gain depth.

On the Geo Web, it’s like each real world place that you go to has a corresponding “physical, three-dimensional web page” that you visit instead of needing to switch between siloed apps for each content type or location. We think this natural discovery experience is required to truly blend physical and digital into a cohesive reality.

A web app version of our Geo Web browser is in development that will be capable of displaying traditional web content along with AR content from a gallery view on compatible smartphones. Native iOS and Android browser apps will follow to take advantage of additional features and efficiency. For smartglasses, Geo Web browsing could become OS-level functionality.

An important note is that the Geo Web protocols are open and neutral. We want to enable innovation and competition at the browser layer. So while we’re developing proof-of-concept browsers, we don’t intend for there to be just one implementation.

On to the updates...


  • We’re making great progress on the publishing, Ceramic linking, and IPFS pinning of augmented and virtual reality content from the Geo Web Cadastre. Nothing released yet, but soon!
  • We’re weaving in a few of our roadmap development items, including the above, into GR9 Hackathon. Thanks to Protocol Labs, Textile, and others for their continued leadership and generosity in sponsoring these types of events. 


  • We’ve designed two special POAPs to distribute to all of our amazing Gitcoin contributors in Grant Round 8 (retroactive) and Grant 9. There's still time for you or a friend to qualify by donating. Spread the word! Our contributors will be able to proudly display proof of their OG Geo Web status forever with these NFTs. We’ll send out claim instructions next week.
  • I came across this tweet about the MORPH art/tech project about a month ago. I still go back to it regularly to be mesmerized. It’s such a creative and technical feat that MORPH is “real” thing. This is the sort of visual/project that I can’t wait to see in purely digital form on the Geo Web.
  • I’ve really enjoyed hanging out and learning at MetaGame’s multi-week event/celebration Metafest (we’re in week 3 of 4). The crew over there is doing such a good job of onboarding, educating, and engaging a community of decentralized future builders.

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