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Note: Next week’s update will be sent on Wednesday, 5/26 instead of on the usual Tuesday schedule.

The last week was a wild one even for the high standards of cryptoland in 2021. Dog tokens. Elon. A sizable crypto market pull-back. 

But when a friend texted me asking how any of this affects the Geo Web project, the answer was simple: it doesn’t. 

The news is interesting, and there are always lessons to be learned (especially on the social/psychology/community front), but the noise hasn’t changed what we’re building or how we’re going about doing it in the slightest. 

The Geo Web is something that we have deep conviction about. We’re building for the long term based on deeply held values for public good and egalitarian opportunity. Short-term sentiment doesn’t factor in.

HODL is the term many crypto traders and investors use as a rallying cry for not selling (“hold”) in the face of negative news/dip/bear market (or ever really). BUIDL is the more useful (IMO) derivative rallying cry to keep building useful things despite the noise.

I’d like to think we’re good adherents to the BUIDL mentality. We’re not going to take shortcuts because of high highs or give up because of low lows. We don’t have impatient investors to appease or profit targets to hit. We’ve set it up that way to avoid bad incentives and stay focused on the mission. 

I don’t think we’re all that unique in the Ethereum ecosystem either. There are many that share our outlook. So while the market will move up, the market will move down, there will be outrage, and there will be fear, many projects will just keep BUIDLing. Our bet is those projects will be the ones to realize the world changing potential of the space.

On to the updates…



On Deck

  • Outdoor testing and code clean-up of the Spatial Browser
  • Production authentication and performance enhancements for the Textile Hub & Buckets integration to the Cadastre (media content pinning/storage)
  • Archiving Buckets automatically to Filecoin for backup
  • More developer docs

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