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Mood = Focus

We launched this website about a month ago. While we’ve been diligently working on the Geo Web project for several more months than that, the last month has felt different. I’d summarize the different feeling as one of tight focus. The work we were doing pre-launch of this website was more open-ended. 

We’ve always attempted to approach this project with a long-term perspective. We wanted to build smart contracts that were globally scalable and efficient. We wanted to think deeply about mechanism design, incentives, and the second/third order social effects of this network. That required a lot of research, exploration, and free thought.

I’m not sure which direction the causality flows between launching our public website and our current laser focus on getting our beta product launched, but there’s definitely correlation. In this era, we’re turning all of that open-ended thought into tangible decisions, designs, and code. It’s not a new idea that products, like life itself, go through cycles, but it does feel good to acknowledge and appreciate it in real time. 

We can’t wait to get the Geo Web out into the community to see what innovations and ideas follow in the next phase of the cycle. On to the updates...



  • I was pitching the Geo Web to a (non-technical) real estate broker recently and had that really cool moment when you see the light bulb go off. We think it’s only natural for Geo Web land to be the must have complement to physical real estate purchases. The same goes for leases and especially commercial transactions. This broker and his team are going to use Geo Web land + crypto art as a closing gift for each new home buyer. On the listing side, Geo Web land can be utilized for marketing and more advanced ideas like digital staging. If you’re a digital artist and interested in creating pieces for something like this, give us a shout at info (at) geoweb.network!
  • We dropped by the @Metalympics at the newly built Avastars Arena in Cryptovoxels last week. Find the start line in the SE of the arena, turn off your flying mode (F Key), and give the obstacle course there a try. We’ve mentioned @TheWIPmeetup that happens every Thursday at 12pm PDT before, but it’s worth shouting out this community again. Seriously, check it out, and you won’t be disappointed. We’re inspired by the creativity, positivity, and openness in building that the community has. 
  • Another awesome blockchain community that we enjoy is Cryptorado (Crypto + Colorado). If you’re in Colorado and interested in all things blockchain, check out one of the events or join the Keybase chat. During pandemic times, everything is online anyway so you don’t even have to be in Colorado to participate.  

On Deck

  • Begin development on Cadastre MVP UI
  • Add license information to subgraph schema

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