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What It Is vs. What It Does

I’m guilty of breaking more or less every “rule” for marketing and describing technology like the Geo Web. I’m deeply passionate about the Geo Web: every last detail matters to me. That’s always resulted in taglines and elevator pitches that are overly detailed and technical. I’ve always known that “if you try to say everything, you end up saying nothing” yet the habit persists. It’s just flat out hard to write simple copy for new technology. Real pros are worth their weight in gold. 

This week, Cody suggested a simple shift in how we were talking about the Geo Web after a chat with a friend of the project, Thomas from Infinite Scroll. It amounted to talking about what the Geo Web DOES and not what it IS. That’s one of those pieces of advice I’ve ignored before too, but it just clicked this time:

The Geo Web is a set of protocols & system of property rights for anchoring digital content to physical land.

It’s still a little heavy with the “protocols and property rights” section, but I tried it out on a few non-technical family members, and there were definitely less blank stares. We’ll continue to experiment and evolve our description of the Geo Web. For now we’ll stick with the most fundamental action it enables. Give it a try on your own project if you’ve struggled with this like me (and most other technologists)!

On to the updates...


  • More updates to the Cadastre UI (Kovan Testnet): field validations, forced transfer transactions, edit parcel details, and additional network fee payments are in!
  • Implemented upgradable testnet smart contracts (continuity FTW!)
  • Lots of research and hands-on experience with fiat-to-crypto on-ramps. A product’s initial user experience can be make-or-break. We’re going to be constantly pushing the envelope for an easier onboarding experience for the Geo Web. We’re still a ways away from production (i.e. using real money), but some impactful decisions will still be made quite early. 


  • We’re in the homestretch of Gitcoin Grant Round 8! It ends at 12pm EST on Thursday 12/17. Thanks to the generous support of 24 donors (and growing), our current total grant is estimated to be over $1,400. If you haven’t yet donated, there’s still time! Right now each 1 DAI contribution nets a 53x match; 10 DAI is 13.7x! Donate to the Geo Web Gitcoin Grant here. 
  • Go check out the latest version of our Cadastre UI. You can claim, transfer, and manage digital land parcels with the same mechanics we’ll use in production (but since it’s testnet it functions with free tokens). If you have ideas for use cases that you’d like to explore on the Geo Web hit us up! Making sure our base smart contracts are flexible enough to accommodate use cases far and wide is a huge focus for us now.
  • Clr.fund is a quadratic funding (QF) platform for Ethereum public goods (similar to Gitcoin), but with a few differentiating goals and features. We recently submitted the Geo Web Project to join in on their Round 2 fun! Don’t worry we’re not going to constantly be shilling for donations, but we’re big believers in the power of QF. There are still a ton of challenges to work out, so we want to stay connected with and support those innovators pushing the ideas and ecosystem forward!

On Deck

  • Cadastre UI user experience improvements
  • Explore a testnet on xDAI/POA

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